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A well-kept parking lot makes a strong impression on your customers. We offer a variety of premium services to maintain your existing installation or to further grow your business. Below are a few questions that are frequently asked by our commercial paving clients:

How does All County Paving estimate commercial paving costs?

Every commercial project is different, so no two solutions are exactly the same. As a result we work with our clients and recommend solutions that solve immediate issues and anticipate future problems. We meet with our clients, determine together the work that needs to be done, work out the timeframe and agree to a budget. We ensure that our clients get the best solution for the budget allocated.

What is the function of seal coat?

Seal coating has two purposes; protection and aesthetics. As asphalt ages and is driven on, the cement that holds the aggregate wears from between the surf

ace stone. Over time, the wear & tear of tires and weather affect the surface and erode the stone as well. This opens the surface to further deterioration. A coating of sealer retards this process and helps the surface last longer. Seal coat also serves a cosmetic function. A good coat of sealer is a silent sales tool that can have great results.

What is the function of crack fill?

Water is asphalt’s antagonist. It fractures the asphalt by entering cracks and then freezes. As cracks widen, water begins to reach and erodes its limestone base. Asphalt uses limestone as a base because it compacts with a cement-like consistency that is an ideal support. Unfortunately, limestone is also water soluble; when constantly exposed to water, over time it dissolves. Consequently, preventing water from reaching this base is crucial in maintaining asphalt pavement. This is the primary function of crack filling.

What is the function of overlay?

Overlays are usually done for two reasons; to repair pavement that, if let alone, will deteriorate to the point where it needs to be removed and to direct and maintain proper drainage. The selection of when and where to apply an overlay is an important decision. When done in a timely fashion, overlays are a relatively inexpensive way to prolong the life and appearance of asphalt pavement.

Commercial Paving Contractor

All County Paving will work closely with you to get your commercial paving project done in a timely fashion and at a minimum of inconvenience to your business and its clients. We can do this in several ways. We can start early in the morning before the area will be in use. When necessary, we schedule our work over the weekends when traffic is either non-existent or at a minimum. We often seal and/or repair areas in segments.

If you have any questions or would like further information on our services, contact us. We provide free estimates for all jobs, and at All County Paving, you always deal directly with the owner.

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